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What to expect at Bocas Pink House

  • Breakfast included in price, served at Bahia Del Sol a short walk away
  • The home is in a Panamanian neighborhood. If close interactions with locals bothers you then look elsewhere.
  • Kids swimming in the bay in front of the home. The local children swim in the water near the home. Some guests love this others are bothered by it.
  • This home is built over the ocean and made out of wood. The floors creak and move with the wind and water. The home is secure and safe but if you expect a closed construction concrete home this is not it. This is a wooden home built over the sea.
  • There is internet in the home BUT sometimes in this particular area it goes down. We have more reliable internet at the other properties. If this will be a big issue for you or your guests please think before booking.
  • Amazing views from two hammocks on huge porch. Beautiful sunsets over the sea and mountains are spectacular.
  • The pink house is only one block walk away from a store which has everything you could possible need food or drink wise.
  • From the front of the home to the center of Bocas Town is a ten minute walk or four minute taxi ride